Wood and Plastic Cutting Board –Which One Is Better

Plastic and wood cutting board

Usually, you only try to choose the good rice cooker for your family. It is an indispensable utensil in every kitchen. In the case, your family just has 3 people. It is better to choose the best small rice cooker. It is a right choice. Besides, selecting the appropriate kitchen appliances, you must pay attention to other tools. Surely, there are a lot of kitchen tools to support your cooking. Cutting board is a typical example. The good rice cooker will help you cook rice more delicious. The cutting board will help to cut, chop and process the food. As you know, you can see both the wood and plastic cutting board. They are used very popular today. So, do you know which one is better?  Seemly, it is a big question of many people who are afraid of the germ on the cutting board. In this article, I will give some evidence to discuss the cutting board. Through this information, I hope you will choose a right one in your kitchen.

Important Things to Know Two Types of Cutting Board

Some people like to use the plastic cutting board because they have a lot of advantages. However, others have the opposite point of view. They feel better to use the wood one. Generally, both products have the positive and negative sides. To get more information, you can look at more details as follows:

1.      For The Wood Cutting Board

Having antibacterial naturally

According to many studies from the experts, they gave a result that the wood cutting boards have the character for anti-bacterial naturally. Moreover, you can use the wood one for a long time when you know how to maintain properly. Many housewives like to use the wood cutting board because it protects knife better than other types. They also have many different styles for the customers’ choice.

However, this type of cutting board has a porous substance. It is the place to concentrate the bacteria. It is called the drawn down bacteria. In fact, we can clean carefully to kill them easily. You can limit this bacterium. We should choose the hard- wood. This will reduce your knife to cut deeply.

2.      For The Plastic Cutting Board

Using the plastic cutting board

Comparing to the wood cutting board, the plastic one has more advantages. Here are some typical positive features to know:

  • You can clean it easily. You can use the dishwasher to clean;
  • In the first time, you feel satisfied with the plastic cutting boards. And they also have the variety of colors for selecting.
  • Also, all plastic chopping boards are lightweight. This factor helps the users be easy to use and store;
  • In addition, the plastic cutting board is cheap to buy.
  • Moreover, all plastic cutting boards do not contain the porous substance. Thus, they do not absorb the bacteria.

But it has a big disadvantage. It is very difficult to sterilize. This can affect our health when you do not clean the cutting board in the right way. It is important to choose one which does not have Bisphenol-A. And the users know to maintain appropriately. With the plastic cutting board, it does not ensure with the huge impact. If you chop the bone on the plastic one it can break, crack, and blunt the knife quickly.

Through these things, you can make a comparison between the wood and plastic cutting board. From there, you will buy the most suitable one. In my opinion, you can combine both of these cutting boards to use in cooking. You will use the plastic one to cut the live meat. And using the wood cutting board is to cut other things.

Some Tips to Clean and Store The Proper Cutting Board

Why we must compare these types of the cutting boards. Our final purpose is to know which one is safer for health and protect this kitchen tool. Therefore, you should keep in mind some tips to clean and store it:

Buying the various cutting boards

  • You often use the cutting board to cut raw meat and seafood. You also use it to cut some other vegetables. This is very dangerous for health. Thus, you should use at least two cutting to distinguish. It is better to use two various colors;
  • Although you clean the cutting board with the soapy water. It is a good idea to clean immediately after cutting. You must rinse off with hot water before use again;
  • There is a good tip to remove the stubborn stains in this kitchen tool. To do it, the homemaker must combine a little lemon and salt. This is an instruction for you:
  • Firstly, rub salt on the surface of the chopping board;
  • Then, use a half of a lemon. At that time, you should keep this case within 5 minutes;
  • After that using the remaining part of the lemon, you will be surprised with this combination.
  • Finally, you will rinse again by the water. Your cutting board becomes clean effectively.
  • On the other hands, vinegar is a good way to rinse the cutting board. You need to prepare a solution. It includes one – third of vinegar and three parts of water.
  • All kitchen tools should use when they are dry. In fact, the bacteria will develop very well in the moisture environment. After cleaning, you should hang the chopping board up.

In summary, the cutting board is a necessary tool for food processing. Normally, many people do not note some matters relating to this board. So, it is extremely to choose the good cutting board in your kitchen. Depending on the needs of the people, the wood and plastic cutting boards are two common types. Which one better to use is a question that many people want to have the suitable answer. All things in this writing are the basic information to know about the cutting board. I hope that you will know how to buy, how to use, and how to store this tool in the right way.

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