Ten Necessary Kitchen Tools and Benefits

Kitchen tools

Aside from the home appliances such as the good toaster oven, microwave, rice cooker, hand mixer, and more, the housewives should also equip for their own cooking with the necessary kitchen tools. Based on what the majority of housewives shared with us, the today article will help you find the necessary things that you ought to equip for your kitchen. Let’s see!!!

Kitchen Tools You’ll Need

 1 – A Cake Tester

Cake Tester

When cooking, a cake tester is necessary. As a whole, you can be going to utilize it as much as a knife. With a cake tester, it allows you to know the level of a piece of fish or a steak – well cooked or medium. In additional to that, you can also use it for the hot food from the inside, a crab-cake or meatball, for example.

2 – Fish Spatula

Fish Spatula

When frying fish, it can be short of a fish spatula. Thanks to the special design, it can get under the fish skin. At once, the excessive oil will easily drain via the slits of the spatula. What’s more, this design brings others advantages when using. For example, you are easy to take a piece of pie or cheesecake without making it be damaged. By utilizing the fish spatula, you can also drip chocolate. Yes, it is due to the slits that sliding will be prevented.

3 – Tongs

It can say that short of a towel and tongs when cooking is not different from going out to battle without having a gun. Obviously, using the tongs is ideal. How will you do if you grill with no tongs? Correspondingly, equipping the strong tongs will enable you to slide the baking sheets a closer way. Thanks to that, you will not have to stick the arms yours too close the oven. If there is unfortunately something that fell in the oven, you can take them out of it an easy manner without worrying anything, hot oil, for instance. So good!!!

4 – Knives


It is probably that the knife is one of the kitchen tools used the most. Instead of investing a whole set of knives, it recommends that you should only purchase a nice knife lasting you. Looking at here, with the top edge, cracking the crab or lobster is easier than ever. Aside from that, the flat side of the knife can also be used to smash scoop or garlic up if you need to chop. You will only need a paring knife or bread knife in a case of butchering meat or fileting fish.

In fact, although it is not necessary to spend your budget for a bread knife, it cannot deny that this knife is sharp, nice, and solid. With the $20 price, it can benefit in many cases. For a paring knife, you will never cost over $10. If you must pay more, it means that you are ripped off.

5 – Peeler


It is certain that those who often cook will not likely miss the peeler. And then, a Kuhn Rikon is a reliable model. Exactly, it only costs $2. The main material is plastic. Basically, you ought to select 2-3 of the peelers. Though the price is cheap, it can help you complete your job well. If you need to peel or shave the thin objects, carrots, parmesan, cucumbers, for instance, these peelers will always be a perfect choice.

6 – Japanese Mandoline

Japanese Mandoline

Though there is a dangerous tool, it cannot deny the benefit of it. We can call it as a perfect professional so as to create the small cubes, or brunoise whenever you’d like to. Thanks to having the sharp blade, you can shave or slice everything thinner. With this tool, you can have a nice presentation, by creating the nice parmesan such as carrots, garlic, cucumber, ginger,…

7 – Microplane


There is an ideal tool in order grate hard nutmeg, cinnamon, chocolate, cheese,…So great! with the microplane, the beautiful-grated one on the top of a risotto, Caesar salad, or pasta can be created an easy way. Yes, it will be quite presentable to create the citrus zest on the top of an angel food cake or a cheesecake. On the other hand, the microplane is to grate finer than a conventional grater, so you may utilize it to grate onions, ginger, garlic, or wasabi.


8 – Rubber Spatula

Rubber Spatula

Though it is known as a spatula, not many people utilize it for picking up or flipping anything. Frequently, everyone uses for other purposes. Yes, it can help you fold egg white a perfect way without making it deflate. Apart from, if you want to make risotto, work with chocolate, mash potatoes, make eggs, cook in a non-stick pan, or scrap the bowl, this rubber spatula will be a perfect option. It is noticed that you will only take 2 seconds to clean it.

9 – Spice Grinder

Spice Grinder

Your cooking will become more difficult if it is short of a spice grinder. It is so simple! You only need to toast and grind the added spices whatever there are cinnamon, sesame seeds, or cumin. After you have toasted the spice (they have golden brown), you are able to put in this grinder. Then, it begins grinding until you recognize that they are fined. It is okay, right?

10 – Food Mill

Food Mill

The design of this tool is to make purees. Nonetheless, apart from the mashed potatoes, you can also utilize it for other needs. The holes of the food mill have a variety of sizes, so you can crank the different foods such as beets, carrots, potatoes,…Exactly, the restaurants use this way to get the smooth mashed potatoes. A large number of the housewives enjoy using it to crack black pepper. The purpose is to increase taste for their foods.

With these tools, your cooking will be more convenient, easier, and simpler. You worry about the price, don’t you? No problem! They are not as expensive as you thought. Which ones don’t you equip? Let’s go to the store and bring back right away!!!

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