18 Necessary Kitchen Tools for The Cooking Beginner

In fact, the kitchen is where you prepare and cook the daily meals. Therefore, everything you do in the kitchen will impact the quality of your diet and your family. Some kitchen tools used for cooking can make food harmful to our health. The chemicals utilized in the coating and the production process are the main causes leading to it. If you want to enjoy a delicious, nutritious, and healthy, it is important that you must have a proper kitchen tool for processing. With these tools, you will not be afraid in the kitchen, easy to cook the food delicious, nutritious and healthy.

The cooking beginner

The article will give 18 useful kitchen tools help you much like processing, cooking, preparation and enjoyment, and you are like a real chef.

1.  The Chef Knives

This is considered one of the most versatile knives in the kitchen. Chefs knives you use for many things such as cut, sliced, chopped … without having to change the other knife.

Tip: Choose a knife is made of stainless steel, monolithic certainty.

2. The Chopping

Chopping was the indispensable partner in every kitchen. The good housewife will always have a separate cutting boards, and you will use them for every kind of living / cooked / fruits and vegetables to ensure no cross-contamination of bacteria. Plastic cutting boards are inexpensive, easy manipulation, and storage. The type of wood cutting boards is easy to clean due to the flat surface (little groove – a favorable environment for bacteria shelter) and make better use of the blade.

3. The Measured Cup and Spoon

If you own a measuring kit in hand, you will not worry any recipes. This is a handy tool to help you gauge the amount of liquid or dried, from teaspoons (tsp) to the cup (cup).

4. The Kitchen Scissors

Kitchen scissors is often considered less important tools in the kitchen, but this is the necessary tool and useful in some cases. Kitchen scissors not only have the effect of ordinary scissors, but they also help process food faster when using a knife such as cutting vegetables, onions, and herbs to dry, chicken.

6. The Lid Opener

There is a bit of a problem if you get the canned food – not an open lid, like a box of milk, coconut milk, green beans, and not how to open them. The lid opener will make this task easier and a lot safer for the housewife.

7. The Mixing Bowl

You think that only the necessary mixing bowl with the baking? So you should change your mind out! The mixing bowl is the extremely convenient tool when you need marinades, salad dressings, sauces.

Tip: The mixing bowl is made from stainless steel materials, it will be lighter and easier to maintain than the glass mixing bowl.

8. The Peeler

You can peel vegetables with a knife. However, the peeler will make it simpler to manipulate quickly, evenly and much safer. This instrument is ideal for grated hard cheese such as Parmesan.  And you will need to use this tool to small cells cheese / chocolate / vegetables / fibroblasts / potatoes / carrots / courgettes / or remove orange peel, lemon …

Tip: You should choose tool with such factors as sharp, durable and safe operation

9. The Gripping

This is a versatile instrument in the kitchen. You may be used to flip burgers, fries, grilled, and pick up the salad. Even you can use to squeeze lemon juice or corkscrew.

13. The Spatula

A necessary tool that helps you quickly perform cooking tasks like stirring the eggs, flipping pancakes (pancake), mixing sauce/jam. This is a useful tool to surprise, and it is not just a tool mixing dough when making a cake.

The Spatula

14. The Pan

This is one of the most versatile pans in the kitchen, and you can cook almost anything in this pan. The current non-stick pans are inexpensive, easy to use and does not require too much butter or cooking oil. You should invest a thick and durable pan. However, you also need to know storage to extend the life of the pan.

15. The Sauté Pan

Do not confuse this with the skillet. The Sauté pan has high and straight edges, with the tight lid. This is the perfect tool for chefs wants fried sautéed, braised or cooked vegetables conveniently.

If you do not use an oven glove, you will burn your hands and heated kitchen towels. This is a convenient tool protects your hands and kitchen utensils away from the heat of the fire. And tools will be very useful if you use a slow cooker. Because you’ll need gloves to pick up the slow cooker out of position. However, to avoid the hand injury cases, we choose the top rated slow cookers.

17. The Baking Trays for Biscuits

If you do not regularly cook biscuits, you should also use these baking tray biscuits, because of their super-handy in the kitchen. You may be used to grill vegetables, meat bacon/chicken. To quickly cleaning tool, please cover 1 sheet of aluminum foil or use cooking spray on the surface of the tray.

The Tree Shaped Cookies

18. The Stainless Steel/Glass/Porcelain Baking Tray

Owning a good and thick baking tray is always essential. The tool will help you rest assured to cook fried chicken, baked chicken, baked ham, roast beef, lasagna … without too much time to prepare. Large size can help you prepare a large quantity of food.

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